Celebrate your achievement with original fine art. 
Enjoy the memories for life.

Work with the artist and develop the perfect concept to commemorate your accomplishment. Proudly hang an original painting that celebrates your active lifestyle. A Custom Race Painting is the perfect gift for that active loved one who has enough t-shirts!

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meaningful KEEPSAKE

You deserve more than a bumper sticker for your hard work. Your Custom Race Painting will provide a lifetime of proud memories.

hang with pride

Proudly display art that reflects your passions and inspires you to do more of what you love.

a special touch

Work with an artist who has raced the iron distance and experienced the triumph of finishing. I know what this painting means to you.

How it works


Fill out the form below and specify any special requests or questions that you have. Expect a response within 1 week.



Before moving forward, you will want to have an idea of what size painting you'd like, as well as the personal touches you want to add. All sizes and dimensions are available.

Price is determined by size: Length plus width (in inches) times ten. For example:

18" x 24" = [(18 + 24) x 10] = $420

24" x 36" = [(18 + 24) x 10] = $600


You deserve a meaningful keepsake for your achievement. I invite your input to make sure your painting is special and personal. For example:

  • Do you have a lucky hat or jersey to incorporate or emphasize?
  • What did you find special about the race location and sites on the course?
  • What was the race experience like, and how to capture that on canvas?

After discussing the painting, you will get a quote and make a down payment of 50%, I will share sketches and progress along the way, if desired.




Expect the painting to be completed in 4-6 weeks (typically), and shipped/delivered once full payment is received.

Hang your Custom Race Painting with pride and let it motivate you to get back out there!


enough t-shirts.

Let's immortalize this in art...


Please include any relevant information or questions that you have, so I can be best prepared to discuss your Custom Race Painting.

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Sample Gallery


ABOUT Matthew Miller

Active Lifestyle Artist

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I am an American sports artist and live event painter. Most of my recent paintings depict the human body in motion. My hope is that you will hang it with pride, to celebrate your physical accomplishments and motivate you to get back out there and do more of what makes you come alive. My favorite thing is to paint live on location and make a unique contribution to sports events, endurance races, live music shows, and other special events. I paint quickly and often improvise, fueled by the energy of the event and crowd. The live painting process lends itself to adventurous colors and textured brush strokes, giving each painting its own unique character. 

In 2017 I spent a portion of the year traveling to various Ironman triathlons, painting on the race courses and connecting with athletes who now proudly hang my artwork to celebrate their achievements. I plan to continue serving the endurance sport community, but I also enjoy painting portraits, animals, landscapes, and music-themed art.

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