Celebrate your achievement with a personalized painting. 
Enjoy the memories for life.

Work with the artist and develop the perfect concept to commemorate your accomplishment. Proudly hang a piece of art that celebrates your passions and active lifestyle. A Custom Race Painting is the perfect gift for your active loved one who has everything!

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meaningful KEEPSAKE

You deserve more than a bumper sticker for your hard work. Your Custom Race Painting will provide a lifetime of proud memories.

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hang with pride

Proudly display art that reflects your passions and inspires you to do more of what makes you come alive.


a special touch

Work with an artist who has suffered on many race courses and experienced the triumph of finishing. I know what this painting means to you.

How it works


Fill out the simple form below with your contact information and I will get back to you within one week of submission. Please specify any special requests or questions that you have, so I can be prepared to discuss them. 



Before moving forward, you will want to have an idea of what size painting you'd like, as well as the personal touches you want to add. 

16" x 20" - $200 and up

24" x 36" - $350 and up

36" x 36" (3 in 1 painting: swim, bike, and run) - $800 and up

Adding detailed imagery or background scenery is added at an extra cost, which will vary depending on size and specifics.

Other sizes and dimensions are available upon request (or when the composition requires). Price will adjust accordingly.


You deserve a meaningful keepsake for your achievement. I invite your input to make sure your painting is special and personal. For example:

  • Do you have a lucky hat or jersey to incorporate or emphasize?
  • What did you find special about the race location and sites on the course?
  • What was the race experience like, and how can I capture that on canvas?
  • Would you like to combine one pose with another background?

After discussing the painting, you will get a quote and make a down payment of 50%, I will run sketches by you before starting the painting, and will make one round of adjustments at no extra cost (if needed).




Expect the painting to be completed in 4-6 weeks (typically), and shipped/delivered once full payment is received.

Hang your Custom Race Painting where you can enjoy it with pride -- and be inspired to get back out there!


enough t-shirts.

Let's immortalize this in art...


Please include any relevant information or questions that you have, so I can be best prepared to discuss your Custom Race Painting.

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Sample Gallery

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ABOUT Matthew Miller

Active Lifestyle Artist

In 2015 I began self-medicating with Art Therapy. Then I got addicted. That's how I became an artist. 

I paint because it puts me into a state of flow. I get so absorbed in the activity that nothing else exists. I lose track of time. My worries disappear. And my inner critic shuts up. Not only do I feel like my best self, but I perform at my best. I feel truly alive.


We all have activities that take us to this place. I think the trick to living a more meaningful life is to discover what it is for you, and then build a life that enables you to do it all the time. This a foundational idea that I wish to communicate as an artist (and human being with a voice). 

In addition to art, I also get my fix through challenging physical activities. As a retired rugby player, ironman triathlete, and generally active human, it is my goal to create art that celebrates the active lifestyle. I hope that my artwork reminds you of the pride that you take in your lifestyle and achievements, and inspires you to go out there and do more of it. 

Visually, many of my pieces depict the human body in action. I paint fast and expressively, often improvising. The energy shows up on the canvas, giving each painting it's own character. 

I am not a studio artist. The vast majority of my paintings are created live during a single session in public spaces. I've completed paintings at music venues, private parties, sports events, and more. The variable conditions, along with the social interactions and energy of the live event, make the creative process even more fun and challenging.

Check out more at MatthewMillerArt.com or browse the sample gallery below.

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